Thursday, March 8, 2018

Creating Reality | Hacken und du MIT USC

The attempted pun is in German... it's all about with ;)
Anyhow, LARUG is going to be there, creating some realities in (at least) the forms of Jay Zallan (@JayZallan) hacking away and Cody Nowak (@DisruptAEC) one of the judges. How far we've come, how far we are going...

We hope Los Angeles AEC turns out in masses, as New York and even San Francisco are enjoying huge turnouts at these hackathons. Do we have to add that it is with fucking MIT???

Well, it is!!! Pretty sweet opportunity if you ask us.

Los Angeles has more Architects and Engineers per capita than most every major city, but most does not speak to quality.

So let's transform that by becoming the BEST Architects/Engineers per capita, not just the most!!!

Technology: Drivers Wanted
CU Monday :D

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