Sunday, July 24, 2011

St. Lucia: a suburb of Los Angeles (Revit Users Group)

What does this have to do with Revit??? The mental Hospital near the Revit User (visiting our site) can perhaps tell us... Or the image spells it out...

I Love the internet...bringing our worlds closer & closer every day... LA is beautiful but the Caribbean is great as well... Hit the images & other links for some surprises...
I was once told that the lowest temperature around St. Lucia (since we began recording those things, at least) was 69°, the hottest: in the low 100°'s... that's niiiiice!!! 

Unfortunately vacationing across the continent +, from LA seems redundant, so I may not get out there again, any time soon :-(

When I lived in NY I did go down to The Caribbean and it was fantastic... snorkeling in the biggest natural fish tank, that is the Caribbean... Glad I took off my earrings at the time, since the Barracuda could easily (and would have loved to) take off an ear or two for some shiny food... (DE LA BARRACUDA not withstanding :-D) I thank the Captain for that tidbit of advice... 
BIM Teams Unite!!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 2011 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting

The image links to the Evite, if you wish to RSVP and show up!!!

This month’s LARUG will be an exciting and jam-packed one & graciously hosted by Leo A Daly Architecture... We will have a full BIM plate so be ready!!!

1)    The Leo A Daly team headed up by Jude Aten & Randy Rush will be presenting “PHASEr’s SET TO STUNning!” Planning for, setting up and using phasing on Revit projects.
Then suddenly:
2)    RTCUSA 2011 Round Table Recap (sans table?). Planned guests include some of the innagural RTCUSA presenters from our membership;

Marcello Sgambelluri, Thomas Weir, Jay Zallan, Brian Anderson & (Perhaps) Nicholas Kramer, Steve Stafford, Jim Balding & William Troak.
But wait, there’s more!!!
3)    A New Technology Demonstration of CADFASTER. Tuomas Holma & Juulia Tarma will be showing CADFASTER & looking for our input!!!
A unique software (& iPad app!!!) developed for the real-time annotation and CO-viewing of 3D CAD models in the design process, specifically for Autodesk Revit.
(remember CAD is simply “Computer Aided Design”, not drafting!!! -JBZ)
•          No other software needs to be installed
•          Files are compressed, small enough to email and view on low power laptops
•          Real time format-free 3D file sharing & collaboration
•          Allows fast sharing and annotation in ad-hoc situations
•          Secure – models cannot be modified in exe format

So we will see you at Leo A Daly’s Downtown Offices Wednesday, July 20th 6pm (sharp :-)), at: 550 South Hope Street, 27th Floor,  Los Angeles, CA 90071.
Elevators get tricky after 6:30 so get there early, even though we will have some elevator assistants...assisting… Parking is all around the area and is pay-to-play, so read the street signs, etc. or better yet take the train!!!

Did someone say beer??? :-)!!! Thanks to all of our resellers that help support us each month (Microdesk, USCAD, Kelar Pacific, Aec Factory) and Autodesk & their own Charles (Chuck) Keeley!!!

LARUG Presidents: Tom Weir & Jay Zallan

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Content Every Day (From Somewhere)

Has some Revit, BIM objects for your perusal...
Go get you some by hitting the images...
(BIM Content: image above, Product Catalogs: image below)