Friday, February 2, 2018

AECO, Enscape, and Phil Read | More Than Just Pretty BIM

As our meetup (mostly) says:

Our next meetup is Wednesday February 21st at 6pm, starting with an hour of networking, followed with the main presentation at 7pm when we'll have our yearly visit from the brilliant Phil Read with his Enscape Roadshow at Upload LA. (@PhilRead on the tweeties) 

And he's accepted our inquiry, so we will be gratefully giving away a couple of free licenses to Enscape... YES FREE LICENSES, but ya gotta be there... and when I say "there" I mean live, whether in person or streaming, so come on out to Silicon Beach, or if you're far away or international hit us on the tweeties to keep in the know ;) @JayZallan & @DisruptAEC and who knows? You might be "the one"

Phil will be Illuminating us on new features, current processes and more on Enscape's Live Rendering capabilities: with and/or without VR!!!

Take it from a long time Enscape user (me) this is the best investment one can make to create most every kind of visualization desired... static, movie, VR & non-VR plus executable exports, etc. -and these exports are sharable too and no need for Enscape or Revit to explore the BIM!!!

-and yes, the image above is all Revit, as viewed in Enscape!!! No trickery involved (except a mindful application of concepts and processes;)

CU There!!!

If you'd like to join LARUG for this meeting and or be notified when we have another meetup (every month) hit this link: and join if not already in 

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