Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He Said Member... Fellow LARUG member Getting Some Deserved Pub

As usual, hit the images & links for the goods!!! -BTW: Does anyone really need me to reiterate that all the time??? We do that for people who are new to this whole internet machine thing...probably unnecessary, huh??? Anyhow...

Ooooooh she's so shiny now (and even has brick on the inside)!!!

I like MS's concise reasoning in his posting to (try to) quell the haters' lack of vision & frankly a lack of fun.

You also may want to check out What Revit Wants' pub of Marcello's article that we have featured in the Revit Architecture section (that I shamelessly manage), in AUGIWorld's September Issue (beginning on page 34)... but read the whole thing!!!

Guess why Marcello wasn't at September's LARUG...

Welcome Donatello, the latest addition to MS's beautiful family!!!

I bet little Donatello is already using Revit too!!! least to play with the cow & elephant ;-b

Talk about parametric families...

BTW: Do you have any Revit awesome or content, thoughts, projects, issues you'd like us to discuss? Send them our way:

Friday, September 9, 2011

September 2011 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting

The September 2011 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting will be at:
Steinberg Architects
523 west 6th street, suite 245
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Wednesday, September 21st @ 6PM

On-site parking is available for $10 after 3pm; On-street & other parking is available, as always pending cost & posted signs.

Security will need a list of attendee names, so if you're planning on attending & your real/full name is not part of your LARUG Evite system profile then please send both your real/full name & email address to: and we can get that updated.

This month will see a renewed focus on learning, not just talking!!! Actual Revit Learning: YAAY!!!

LARUGers Get Ready... Set...GO!!!

Out of the starting gate:
Jay B Zallan will teach some Annotation concepts & how-to use & abuse Keynoting; for consistency in every phase. When to use Keynotes, Tags, Symbols & dumb Text. Dimensions, Tolerances & more...

Then Suddenly: (Insert your own pun for a starting gate & Mr. Troy Gates here. XD)
Troy Gates will show how Revit Server works; it's Concepts & Functionality, etc... Big Models over the Internet Machine...Oooooo that will be good!!!

Troy will also share some proven workflows with the Revit 2012 Worksharing enhancements.

This will be a great time to hone more Revit skills & we hope to see you on the 21st!!!

-The LAR*C
Los Angeles Revit *Users Group Leadership* Consortium

Please Note:

Due to ongoing security needs we will be purging all email addresses that do not have full/real names associated to them, so even if you can't make this meeting & you fit that bill then please send both your real/full name & email address to: to ensure that you won't be dropped from the LARUG invitation system.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Hate To Do This To The Local Resellers But...

ImaginIt's Blog has the goods...Plus some good pieces of advice (hit the image at left)... Thanks Joe!!!

If you know of some local Reseller-Techies & their contributions like this PLEASE let us know, we'll post it too!!!

Perhaps we could use different marketing approaches: less marketing for boxes o' software & subscription & more marketing of helpful documentation &...