Sunday, May 18, 2014

Los Angeles Revit Users Group | Inverse Kinematics | May 2014

Harley Ellis Devereaux hosts the LARUG!

Wednesday, May 21st 2014, 6pm
601 S Figueroa
5th Floor 
Los Angeles, CA 90017

RSVP a must for security Please!

"Have you ever built or wanted to build a family that required there to be a multiple moving parts that move in relation to one-another? If so then attend this month’s LARUG and you will learn how to apply the principles of Inverse Kinematics to make your families move!

Forget what you know about moving and rotating Family parts in Revit because Marcello  Scambelluri will be bringing new rotation methods that can be linked together to make multiple moving parts for both 2D and 3D movement alike.  Don’t miss it!

Park where you can, there is a $7 or $8 dollar valet on the SouthEast corner of Fig and Wilshire but parking is your call.

As stated security needs names by end of day Tuesday, though we will try to have a liaison to bring 'stragglers' ;-) up until about 6:30 so try your best to be on time!!!" 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Doing Yet Another Thing That "Can't Be Done" | M Sgambelluri & Jointless Geometry
When you hit the original post (via image-link) check the comments...this has baffled some of the long standing Reviteurs, including us for years... leave it to Marcello Sgambelluri and his blog Simply Complex to find the solution!!! Thanks MS!!!