Monday, April 8, 2013

Leading The Way | Following Revit Topographies

LARUG | Los Angeles | The World | April 24th, 2013 | Hardscape In Revit and Only Revit!!!
Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 | 6:00 PM Meeting Start Time | 6:30 PM Presentation Start Time

EDIT 07/18/2013: Use the following link for the new post with the Video Link & Embed... The Handout to be posted there soon. Thanks Marcello!!! END EDIT

Have you had your breakthrough lately???
If you have been to LARUG in the past year or so you know we work very hard to bring thought-provoking presentations, if not outright breakthrough methodologies; and since we think these methods bring a whole new thinking and approach to your (and our) Revit Hardscape arsenal; we feel this month's offerings continue that dedication!

LARUG is once again proud to have Consortium Member Marcello Sgambelluri (Author of Simply Complex plus -This Related Post- and -Also This Other Related Post-) -presenting what will surely be awesome classes at RTC Australasia 2013 and RTC North America 2013... WOW I can't wait to see what he/we do at AU 2013!!! Oh, if we are extra nice to him we may even get to see how to schedule the lengths of these components again...something that even the developers said 'couldn't be done' ...Well all of us at LARUG should now know by now, that if someone says a thing cannot be done in Revit that we must not believe them -since the converse keeps being proven!!! Keep the thought: There must be and is a way ...we just might not know it ...YET!!!

On to business
The image above does not show 'split surfaces' or 'sub-regions', they are actually native Revit Components and Families that follow their topography!!! Yes, one can, for example, get a 6 foot tall wall exactly 6 feet above it's adjoining grade matter the undulations!!! Oh and will the Spot Elevation and Coordinate tools hit specific and 'snappable' points EXACTLY? Yes again!!!

Roofs, Floors, Walls, etc. are used mostly as they are intended... I say 'mostly' since there is no "sidewalk" or "street" tool :-) -So without further ado please find this as an invitation to LARUG's April Meeting, either live in person or streamed <EDIT 2013 04 22: (You won't want to miss this, since we also are having a special promotion starting from our friends at 3DConnexion!!!)  
Negotiations are complete, we have a new sponsor and we are pleased to announce that the folks at 3Dconnexion are ponying up and providing a SpacePilotPro or SpaceMousePro as a giveaway to one lucky LARUG Member... The Consortium will be choosing how we will give this away and who knows, it may also be available to the worldwide audience...we;ll let you all know Wednesday!!!> If you are elsewhere in the world, please tune in to the live link above, for more of the great work we at LARUG strive to bring to the Revit Community around the BIM World!!!

Here's what Marcello says about this session: "Ever model Revit elements on site topography and can't quite get them to follow the exact contours? This session will show you step by step instructions on how to build straight walls, curved walls, sidewalks, curbs, stairs, planters, roads and other hard-scape elements of any shape or size to follow the exact shape and contour of any site topography element.

ONLY Revit will be used!!! No 3rd party programs, API programming, or other programs will be used. This session will not show how to model site topography elements rather it will show how to use it to create elements that need to follow their shape."

That said, here's a bit more eye candy of which you will get more during the meeting...See you all there or on Twitter that night!!!