Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 2012 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting

This month's LARUG will again be hosted by & at RTKL's beautiful Downtown office, with special help by LARUG Leadership Consortium's own Joe Mendez (Thanks Joe!!!)... Is he & RTKL awesome, or what!!! YES.

LARUG May 16th 2012, 6-8:30pm+/-
333 South Hope Street
Suite C200
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Parking is pay-to-play so read all the signs or better yet walk or mass commute!!! (If you can ;-)

So, what are we up to @LARUG in May?
Well, getting ready for #RTCAUS and #RTCUSA so you can plan on seeing more of what we will be sharing at those awesome conferences... You will still want to go to the RTC's since we cannot do all of the classes though!!!
Yes, this invitation is much like last month's but that is where the similarities of this LARUG meeting will end!!! This month's presentations will be one to Restructure your practice from and also one to Play Games with and soooo much more :-)

As you may know we are continually focused on helping make Los Angeles a leader in Revit & BIM, by bringing the best possible learning content for FREE!!!

Well free to you at least, due to our great sponsors: Microdesk, UsCad & Kelar Pacific, who we thank for their continued support!!! Perhaps one day #Autodesk will find it in their budgets to help support these meetings again, since we support them!!! Until then Extra thanks to the resellers and you!!! OK, OK, 'us' too ;-)