Monday, November 9, 2015

November 2015 @LARUG | Live Help!!! + Practical Dynamo

Gearing up for the end of the year and need to take care of those pesky questions or issues plaguing your Revit Projects? Have a desire to learn something new that has been giving you troubles?

Come on out next Thursday (Yes, Thursday), November 19th at 6pm to RTKL Associates in DTLA.

All the info, to RSVP and to get on our member invite list, go to our LARUG Meetup Home Page or go directly to this month's posting at: 

Hit the images and/or links below to get a jump start and we'll see you there!

 HELP!!! (Page 8)

Practical Dynamo w/ Marcello Sgambelluri

Thursday, September 17, 2015

BIM Consortium Delivers | API Learning Gold

Recently @LARUG | Kyle Spitznagel from Hathaway Dinwidde presented on the Revit API and as promised -here come the presentation slide-deck and reference files that Kyle created and shared with us, to help get our API Learn on ;)

but first:

I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed the pleasure of collaborating with Kyle, Brian, John and Daniel (well ok, the whole team) at HDCCO to dial in the BIM direction for The Village at USC, now well under construction...

HDCCO is one of the trusted voices of reason & reality in the AECO landscape of Los Angeles whom I look to quite often.

Also, The Village is looking great guys!!!

Anyhow; last month Kyle presented on Possible Possibilities | the Revit API and You to a great crowd, very intent on getting some gold ;) on their way to learning all things Revit! Therefore, in the spirit that LARUG and The BIM Consortium tries to inspire, below are the fore-mentioned documents for your downloading pleasure(s)

LARUG August 19th.pdf

  LARUG Macro Samples.rvt

Unconnected MEP.rvt



Monday, August 24, 2015

Project Stingray | Live @LARUG | September 2015

The images may be links ;)

Just Added!!!
Jim McCullough will be presenting a look into distributed location collaboration enhancements with Panzura devices, I am sure Troy Gates and others ;) will have some sharing of real-world experiences as well :D

As Jim's abstract states:
"The WAN can hinder an organization’s ability to collaborate with Revit, resulting in reduced productivity, higher IT infrastructure and increased change order costs. This session discusses the key requirements to enable cross-site Revit collaboration that makes it feels like global project teams are working in the same room."

See you Wednesday!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Possible Possibilities | the Revit API and You

Is LARUG excited for this month's presenter Kyle Spitznagel from Hathaway Dinwiddie to be at our August 19th, 6pm meeting at AC Martin's #DTLA offices -and are we going to use his own (quoted) blurb about what he is presenting?

"You bet. I’ll be presenting an introduction to the Revit API, with a focus on Macros. Here’s some text and images."

OK Kyle, let's just slow down ;) One image first ;)
 “This month’s LARUG will include an introduction to programming in the Revit API. 

Although this discussion will demonstrate a fair bit of code, it is geared towards beginners, and assumes no knowledge of Macros or programming in general. 

If you’ve got a laptop with Revit installed, you may benefit from following along with the lecture by trying out some of the commands demonstrated. 

Aside from that, just bring an interest in learning about the API, as well as questions about what is possible.”

-Well said and about all that is needed, other than those other images and link to the LARUG meetup page... for a direct link to this meeting's invite (where you can join as well) simply click one of the images above/below...

See you soon!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Revit Interoperability | The Current State of Dynamo | +Past | +Future

Ian (yes, Ian Keough: the Dynamo-ista with the most-est) will give us a tour of Dynamo from a brief historical outline through the current state and ultimately future plans for developing Dynamo for Revit. 

We’ll look at some of the most interesting packages created by the Dynamo community for data-interop with Revit including LunchBox and Bumblebee. 

Plus, we’ll see a few projects that leveraged Dynamo to solve complex BIM challenges.

If you didn't notice the image above is a link... Here;)  
LARUG Meetup |

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

@LARUG July 2015 | Discover Your Formulas and Abandon Them

Inspired once again by one of  Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies;  (Click me for an online version) Namely: "Discover Your Formulas and Abandon Them" LARUG's Meetup will see us work on just that!

@LARUG, will be exploring workflows and actions (at our July 24th Meeting at RTKL @DTLA) where we can absolutely gain... well... a whole lot(!) through critical thinking and self assessment and not holding onto past or present formulas at times... Come on by and help push the conversations forward and see what you might learn and teach! -Yeah, the image (also) takes you to the July Meetup posting directly ;)

Monday, March 30, 2015

@LARUG April 2015 | What's [Redacted] in [Redacted] 2016! With Special presentations by [Redacted] From [Redacted]

So Hit our Meetup Site, via the image below to find out what we can tell you about what is sure to be a fantastic night of surprises!

[Edit 04/13/2015: Or if you're already signed up, rsvp'd use the following...

What's [Redacted] in [Redacted] 2016! With Special presentations by [Redacted] From [Redacted] -Plus so much More!!! 

No Details to Follow!!!

Where are we going to meet? USC, School of Architecture | Watt 1 

When are we going to meet?
April 15th, 6 pm

• Parking is available on campus, ($10+/- afaik)
• There are Metro stops right across the street so 'GO METRO'!!!
• USCAD & Microdesk will be supplying the goodies (no beer at school), so in it's stead we're not going to do pizza if I have anything to do with it ;)-End Edit]

Friday, February 27, 2015

@LARUG March 2015 | RevitDamus: The Past of Futures

[Edit 03/26/2015] PDF Embed added below: Thanks (unknowingly) to David Light :D -End Edit (well, other than the pdf itself ;) ]

What's Live in LA?

We Are @LARUG!!!

Thursday, March 26th 2015, 6pm
Gensler, DTLA

RevitDamus will be making his presence felt this month and will discuss and show "The Past of Futures"

This will be a dynamic and interactive presentation that is sure to whet one's (Revit) appetite and ready us for the next installment what's new for @LARUG

Thanks to Randy at Gensler for hooking us up, plus thanks to Precious & USCAD and Eric & Microdesk for your gracious donations!

Friday, February 6, 2015

@LARUG February 2015 | BIM goes virtual II

If you haven't yet, please do go to our Meetup Page (link below), sign up for free and then we'll see you at RTKL; this month's awesome host!: