Thursday, February 28, 2013

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We thank you all for helping us make the meetings a continuing mainstay for the AECO community in Los Angeles and to some degree the world!!!

Another very special thanks goes out to RTKL, it's staff and management for their ongoing gracious dedication to host our live meetings!!! -Thanks Joe ;-)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Matthew Miller | 4D is the new 3D | LARUG February 2013 | Live Stream (and Recorded)

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Matthew Miller | 4D is the new 3D

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

4D is the new 3D | LARUG February 2013

What is time anyhow? @LARUG

While J is approaching what some feel is a milestone in his growing # of D's (ok, let's call them years), it seems fitting that, as this posting's title states: 4D is the new 3D!!! If you read it with the proper intonation, you should get the inference...anyhow...

LARUG is extremely pleased to announce a unique presentation by our esteemed colleague Matthew Miller.

Matthew Miller, VDC/BIM Coordinator for BuildLACCD will take us on a look into 4D scheduling inside of Revit. This presentation will give examples and methods for preparing 4D look ahead sheets, animations, and exporting to viewing platforms, all from the same project views.

We will look at out of the box set-up with shared parameters and .csv files.

By looking at some of the ways that 4D can be accomplished within the Revit environment users can also become better informed on the benefits of available Revit Add-Ins applications and beyond.

So if you are in LA, or even another part of the world (and frankly we all are!!!) -and you want to join in please do so, either at RTKL (to get the extra benefit of networking, getting to ask your questions and the wonderful food and drink provided by our gracious sponsors: UsCad, Microdesk and Kelar Pacific).

Those not in LA can watch live on Wednesday, February 27th at 6pm (presentations start about 6:30) -All times PST (GMT -9 -I believe is the case for now) See you there!!!

LARUG | February 2013 | Wednesday, February 27th @ 6pm
RTKL | 333 South Hope Street #C200 | LA, CA 90017