Friday, March 25, 2011

March 2011 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting Recap

Hit the image @ left to see what new bundles of ADSK software is being offered up this release cycle (low level YAAY).

Please don't ask yourself "Who in their right mind is going to learn 13 software? When there really should be one comprehensive application!!!" We know the answer, yet are at the mercy of ADSK's marketing 'geniuses'.

That answer may also give you a headache!!! Yes I am again lobbying for a REAL CENTRAL FILE and a REAL BIM SOLUTION that combines the right parts of all of these softwares into one software (yes one). DO NOT tell me it can't be done, I know it can, it just isn't (yet???).
Great LARUG meeting again. Scott D Davis from Autodesk showed us a bunch of the What's new in Revit 2012. Since we can't get Scott's PowerPoint you should read David Light's posting (linked above), it's an in depth look at the new features (HERE's David's main blog page as well)...

There were great conversations all around and we also had a Space Pilot from 3Dconnexion given away by Roger Charbonneau at AEC Factory, so a special thanks to them for going above & beyond!!!

Of course we'd be lost without Charles Keeley & Autodesk's support; Thanks guys!!!

Dear "The Factory", I bet your plan is to make one application, that does all AEC needs, but pleeeeeze hurry!!! The inefficiency of all these applications bundled up is ridiculous for 99% of users!!! Plus interoperability is still a joke, like the text editor, site tools & stairs still are.

More thanks' go out to Precious & UScad for her & their continued, support; we also wish to thank the great Paul Scacco from Kelar Pacific, the extraordinary Loni Colen from Microdesk and everyone who showed up!!!

In addition to Scott, we also heard from a surprise guest James (not John or Steve :-)) Vandezande who was on the West Coast for a few days.

James spoke a bit on the new books for Revit 2012, that are nearly out, so look for those soon; I'm guessing he'll post about them on his blog All Things BIM or the New York Revit Users Group pages...

Steve Stafford & Jim Balding spoke about the Revit Technology Conference USA, coming up in June, so do come to that also and get all the revit you can handle!!! I will be speaking there, along with a number of other Southern California LARUGgers, BUGIErs & SCRUGgers; not to mention all of the other great speakers from around the Revit World... BTW perhaps by June my hair will be as long as it is in the photo!!!

Well, that's all for now... Videos to follow???

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 2011 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting

NDA Agreements dictate that:
We can't tell you what (we will be presenting)
We can't tell you who (will be presenting)

But we can say that this is one LARUG you WILL want to see... So on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011 we hope to see you there or online... Virtual meeting info to follow... (hint: hit the image for more info on location, etc.