Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Revit 2019 New | The Autodesk What Is

This is how we at LARUG like to spell BIM


https://www.meetup.com/LA-Revit-User-Group/events/249874679/Share an evening with us and Scott Davis for all things new (in Revit 2019 at least;) -either image will get you there... YOU ARE INVITED

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Creating Reality | Hacken und du MIT USC

The attempted pun is in German... it's all about with ;)

Anyhow, LARUG is going to be there, creating some realities in (at least) the forms of Jay Zallan (@JayZallan) hacking away and Cody Nowak (@DisruptAEC) one of the judges. How far we've come, how far we are going...

We hope Los Angeles AEC turns out in masses, as New York and even San Francisco are enjoying huge turnouts at these hackathons. Do we have to add that it is with fucking MIT???

Well, it is!!! Pretty sweet opportunity if you ask us.

Los Angeles has more Architects and Engineers per capita than most every major city, but most does not speak to quality.

So let's transform that by becoming the BEST Architects/Engineers per capita, not just the most!!!

Technology: Drivers Wanted
CU Monday :D

Friday, February 2, 2018

AECO, Enscape, and Phil Read | More Than Just Pretty BIM

As our meetup (mostly) says:

Our next meetup is Wednesday February 21st at 6pm, starting with an hour of networking, followed with the main presentation at 7pm when we'll have our yearly visit from the brilliant Phil Read with his Enscape Roadshow at Upload LA. (@PhilRead on the tweeties) 

And he's accepted our inquiry, so we will be gratefully giving away a couple of free licenses to Enscape... YES FREE LICENSES, but ya gotta be there... and when I say "there" I mean live, whether in person or streaming, so come on out to Silicon Beach, or if you're far away or international hit us on the tweeties to keep in the know ;) @JayZallan & @DisruptAEC and who knows? You might be "the one"

Phil will be Illuminating us on new features, current processes and more on Enscape's Live Rendering capabilities: with and/or without VR!!!

Take it from a long time Enscape user (me) this is the best investment one can make to create most every kind of visualization desired... static, movie, VR & non-VR plus executable exports, etc. -and these exports are sharable too and no need for Enscape or Revit to explore the BIM!!!

-and yes, the image above is all Revit, as viewed in Enscape!!! No trickery involved (except a mindful application of concepts and processes;)

CU There!!!

If you'd like to join LARUG for this meeting and or be notified when we have another meetup (every month) hit this link: https://www.meetup.com/LA-Revit-User-Group/events/247397337/ and join if not already in 

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Immersing Ourselves 001 | Next Up: IglooVision

Revitina in a shared, immersive space? I might lose my monitors ;)

To get all the Information and to RSVP please visit our MeetUp invite at: https://www.meetup.com/LA-Revit-User-Group/events/245403536/

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Big Data in AEC 2017

A year ago I took 1st place in a Petcha-Kutcha contest here, at RTC Europe (now BILT), so as part of the prize I presented a more thorough, if not still cursory look into Big Data in AEC.

I reprised a version of it for the LARUG folks and as promised am posting the handout and slide deck so you can dive deeper into the worlds covered... Below is also a live version caught on periscope... I dare say there are a handful of points that may not be in the handout that were mentioned so I hope this all helps (hit the images for links too :) 

The periscope capture also has Cody Nowak (@DisruptAEC) presenting on some of our realities...and Cody is someone to get to know if you already don't... do enjoy!


Recorded Live at Upload-LA  (@UploadVR) 10-25-2017


Slide Deck

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Realities AEC and you.
We are meeting tomorrow (ikr) in what will be the first of many appearances at upload LA and we can't be happier to broaden our reach in architecture engineering construction realities and the world :) See you there (?) :)

Friday, September 29, 2017

In Memorial | The Consortium | & LARUG in October

We have very sad news to share.
Not only have LARUG, The BIM Consortium, and our extended friends and colleagues lost someone dear but also a family has lost a husband and father, son and cherished soul; Joe Mendez.

The following is from a page where, if you are so inclined, can help in any way you can:

"A beloved husband and father passed away on Saturday (Sept. 23rd).
Due to the sudden death of Joe Mendez financial arrangements were never made.
Any amount can help assist for funeral costs. Thank you on behalf of the Mendez family. God bless."

LARUG will be scheduling a meetup on October 25th at UploadLA, but we will get that info out next week through Meetup, as usual. We will spend some time sharing thoughts and feelings for Joe and the great impact he has had on so many of us in AEC and elsewhere...

We will always miss you Joe, you have left us far too soon... -Jz

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

LARUG Helping Kick Off LA-DRUGs | The dRofus User Group in LA Beginning July 2017

UPDATE: Date Changed!!! We will meet Thursday,  July 13th 2017...
LARUG joins forces to help kickstart LA-DRUG (Los Angeles dRofus User Group;)

This meetup will combine an LARUG presentation as well as the kickoff start to the Los Angeles dRofus User Group.

"LA-DRUG Meetings occur on a monthly basis varying in locations. Currently we have dRofus User groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and Dallas.

The Global dRofus User Group connects all the local dRofus User Groups in a single location. The purpose of all dRofus User Groups is to share knowledge and to build a community of experts to share tips and tricks with others."  

Presenting for dRofus is our long time BIM Friend Brok Howard.

"Brok is a Technical Account Manager at dRofus Inc. He leads the effort in implementation, training and support for all of North America. He is a registered Architect with BIM Management experience. Brok has over 18 years of experience working in the AEC industry on both large and small projects and has spoken on BIM and Data Management at BIM Forum, CSI National Conventions, and to other regional and local organizations. His background teaching at Washington University in St Louis and as a BIM Manager at HOK has prepared him to provide an advanced level of strategic training and implementation techniques."

The Meetup will be Thursday,  July 13th 2017 at 6p, at:the WeWork Fine Arts Building 12th Floor
811 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, Ca

The LARUG part of the presentation will focus on The Realities, Connected BIM and the obligatory 'more' so we hope to see you... did we mention a Keg of Beer???

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time to BIM | What's Next

Our friends at USC Architecture are putting on their yearly BIM Conference and this year looks super, as super as they usually can be ;) Hit their site and register for one of the best values in life... OK, in BIM ;)



Tuesday, January 3, 2017

As If Time Exists | Real Time Visualization

Click (the image below), Join (if needed) and Come on By RTKL Callison #DTLA) January 11th, 2017 6pm ;) You also might like: A bit on Time