Thursday, September 17, 2015

BIM Consortium Delivers | API Learning Gold

Recently @LARUG | Kyle Spitznagel from Hathaway Dinwidde presented on the Revit API and as promised -here come the presentation slide-deck and reference files that Kyle created and shared with us, to help get our API Learn on ;)

but first:

I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed the pleasure of collaborating with Kyle, Brian, John and Daniel (well ok, the whole team) at HDCCO to dial in the BIM direction for The Village at USC, now well under construction...

HDCCO is one of the trusted voices of reason & reality in the AECO landscape of Los Angeles whom I look to quite often.

Also, The Village is looking great guys!!!

Anyhow; last month Kyle presented on Possible Possibilities | the Revit API and You to a great crowd, very intent on getting some gold ;) on their way to learning all things Revit! Therefore, in the spirit that LARUG and The BIM Consortium tries to inspire, below are the fore-mentioned documents for your downloading pleasure(s)

LARUG August 19th.pdf

  LARUG Macro Samples.rvt

Unconnected MEP.rvt



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