Monday, August 3, 2015

Possible Possibilities | the Revit API and You

Is LARUG excited for this month's presenter Kyle Spitznagel from Hathaway Dinwiddie to be at our August 19th, 6pm meeting at AC Martin's #DTLA offices -and are we going to use his own (quoted) blurb about what he is presenting?

"You bet. I’ll be presenting an introduction to the Revit API, with a focus on Macros. Here’s some text and images."

OK Kyle, let's just slow down ;) One image first ;)
 “This month’s LARUG will include an introduction to programming in the Revit API. 

Although this discussion will demonstrate a fair bit of code, it is geared towards beginners, and assumes no knowledge of Macros or programming in general. 

If you’ve got a laptop with Revit installed, you may benefit from following along with the lecture by trying out some of the commands demonstrated. 

Aside from that, just bring an interest in learning about the API, as well as questions about what is possible.”

-Well said and about all that is needed, other than those other images and link to the LARUG meetup page... for a direct link to this meeting's invite (where you can join as well) simply click one of the images above/below...

See you soon!

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