Monday, January 21, 2013

@LARUG | January 2013 Meeting


Happy New Year's are out of the way, it's time to get back to it!!!
We meet Wednesday, Jan 23rd, 6pm at RTKL 333 South Hope Street #C200 LA, CA 90017

This month we will be having a two part meeting, beginning with a dialogue between Marcello Sgambelluri & Jay Zallan:
The Irrationality of Non Rationalization.


Marcello will take us into:
Analyze That!

Using the Analytical Editing tools to model in Revit for Architects, Engineers and designers Marcello will show you how to use the analytical model to its full advantage.

The analytical model editing tools are more powerful than the physical model editing tools.

Marcello will show you how to use the analytical adjustment tools to help edit, modify and fine tune your physical model.

This course will include how to modify, slabs, walls, and beams and this could be used by architects engineers and designers so please everyone attend!

...and it's sure to be enlightening!!!

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