Monday, January 28, 2013

AU, CADdigest, The Consortium and Buildz Walk into a bar...

Well, OK: they didn't walk into the same bar... Since AU2012 that is...
As always the images (and links) are all links!!! ;-)

Autodesk University 2012 Classes online 

 ...for your perousal!!! -Sign up to stream the sessions, it's free!!!

Start with the following 2 classes? ...We think so ;-) but in any case get most every AU2012 class online, at and for your convenience!!!

Hey, Where's @DarrenRoos on that list? He was integral to our success!!! 

FYI: Yes, that's Marcello's Top Rated Class (yes #1) at AU2012!!!

CADdigest has the Goods Too

Though AUGIworld is the Originating Publisher

Thanks AUGIworld Magazine... A few of the writings featured in The Revit section of CADdigest's TenLinks...

More on the Authors:
Zach Kron Buildz

Martijn de Riet MDR Advies

Marcello Sgambelluri The Revit (Simply) Complex

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