Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Revit Users: "Snatch The Pebbles From My Hand" NOT "Grasshopper's"

Ian Keough does some great work and if you have ever seen Grasshopper for Rhino, yet use Revit and wish there were similar tools your wait is over (Thanks Ian!!!)... Dynamo is here...well, there (hit the images to go "there")

It is software 'in the wild' so do read up on it, as there are sure to be updates, changes as time goes on... If you add functionality please do share!!!

Check out all the posts on Ian's site, but CHECK HERE in particular to get to the Appropriate Building Coder page as well!!!

Thanks (from the Revit Community) to Ian Keough & Jeremy Tammik for the work & Troy Gates for letting us know about it...

BTW: Extra credit if you get the title's Kung Foo inference.

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