Friday, December 23, 2011

Another Great Year for LARUG, Looking for More Greatness Next Year!!!

To close the year we wish to thank everyone who has contributed to LARUG both directly and indirectly, some at the meetings, some in the blog-o-sphere (like you :-)), some in the twitter-zone and others throughout the digital world; some people we meet in person and some virtually... Others at conferences and presentations and some friends and family... plus some are all of the above (and more)...

Thanks to all the host firms, we couldn't do it without all of you!!!

More thanks to Autodesk, Microdesk, Kelar Pacific, UScad and every reader & leader that inspire and influence us from around the world: we appreciate you all!!!

The point: We Love LARUG and You are all part of that!!!

LARUG will continue to grow and amaze you (or try at least), so do be in touch!!!

A few LARUGgers have been featured in many places and one is AUGIworld, so here is their thanks and as always the image is a link... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

And finally for 2011... Join us in thanking (ourselves) the LARUG Crew: Thomas Weir, Jay Zallan, Marcello Sgambelluri, Troy Gates, Cody Nowak, Joe Mendez & Elisa De Dios and of course the 400+ members!!! Happy New Year!!!

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