Thursday, October 26, 2017

Big Data in AEC 2017 
A year ago I took 1st place in a Petcha-Kutcha contest here, at RTC Europe (now BILT), so as part of the prize I presented a more thorough, if not still cursory look into Big Data in AEC.

I reprised a version of it for the LARUG folks and as promised am posting the handout and slide deck so you can dive deeper into the worlds covered... Below is also a live version caught on periscope... I dare say there are a handful of points that may not be in the handout that were mentioned so I hope this all helps (hit the images for links too :) 

The periscope capture also has Cody Nowak (@DisruptAEC) presenting on some of our realities...and Cody is someone to get to know if you already don't... do enjoy!


Recorded Live at Upload-LA  (@UploadVR) 10-25-2017


Slide Deck

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