Tuesday, June 20, 2017

LARUG Helping Kick Off LA-DRUGs | The dRofus User Group in LA Beginning July 2017

UPDATE: Date Changed!!! We will meet Thursday,  July 13th 2017...
LARUG joins forces to help kickstart LA-DRUG (Los Angeles dRofus User Group;)

This meetup will combine an LARUG presentation as well as the kickoff start to the Los Angeles dRofus User Group.

"LA-DRUG Meetings occur on a monthly basis varying in locations. Currently we have dRofus User groups in Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, Vancouver, San Francisco and Dallas.

The Global dRofus User Group connects all the local dRofus User Groups in a single location. The purpose of all dRofus User Groups is to share knowledge and to build a community of experts to share tips and tricks with others."  

Presenting for dRofus is our long time BIM Friend Brok Howard.

"Brok is a Technical Account Manager at dRofus Inc. He leads the effort in implementation, training and support for all of North America. He is a registered Architect with BIM Management experience. Brok has over 18 years of experience working in the AEC industry on both large and small projects and has spoken on BIM and Data Management at BIM Forum, CSI National Conventions, and to other regional and local organizations. His background teaching at Washington University in St Louis and as a BIM Manager at HOK has prepared him to provide an advanced level of strategic training and implementation techniques."

The Meetup will be Thursday,  July 13th 2017 at 6p, at:the WeWork Fine Arts Building 12th Floor
811 West 7th Street, Los Angeles, Ca

The LARUG part of the presentation will focus on The Realities, Connected BIM and the obligatory 'more' so we hope to see you... did we mention a Keg of Beer???

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