Wednesday, June 1, 2016

∞ BIM | Beyond the (SUM) | = Excel 201

Hit the image (or this text) to get to our meetup invitation (sign up if you'd like to attend and aren't a member already; it's free and tastes great) ...then we'll see you Wednesday, June 15th, 6pm, at Gensler in DTLA where we will explore some I's of BIM...

This month we are pleased to have Richard Taylor from Ideate talking all sorts of I.

I as in Information; the literal and figurative fulcrum and center-point of BIM.

Richard will be followed by an open session with The Consortium, where you can bring any Q's to which we will provide some A's... and yes, I mean question and answer time, so bring it -and we'll try to help :)

Now back to the main presentation...and I paraphrase:
Excel permeates the AECO industries as a workhorse for a wide range of BIM related tasks; from cost estimating to data management, scheduling and (the oft cited herein) more...
In this presentation Mr. Taylor will cover and uncover Excel processes and functions used (and perhaps under-used) in AECO.
Learning Objectives:
• How to generate Pivot Tables to show counts and Area summaries.
• Create a drop-down list of all Space Types so they can be used to assign values to Spaces
• Concatenate
• Replace & Substitute
• Dissect the use of IF/THEN statements to calculate fixture quantity requirements based on the number of occupants...
See you there!!!

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