Wednesday, September 19, 2012

LARUG Presents: Essentially Revit | September 2012 Handouts & Links

Los Angeles | San Francisco | Orange County | Inland Empire | The Rest of Earth
Handouts & Presentation Links Los Angeles Revit Users Group Presents: Essentially Revit  
Note: We will be twitterlicious during the presentations, so if you have comments or questions use @LARUG and we can interact live as well... Digital spit-wads are always appreciated! 

September | 2012 | Recordings

All Live Streams begin at 5:40pm+/- and the Presentations themselves start about 6pm
All times PST -That should leave enough time to get all hooked up ;-) -Live links will be posted just before we begin each night, so refresh the page about 15-20 minutes prior to our scheduled start time and links should show up...refresh again if not...We use a 20 minute countdown that can be seen live...


SEPTEMBER RECORDED PRESENTATION SF Note that the audio comes in at about 5:16...we are editing the off portion out, so it shall be fixed/edited... Jay's presentation begins at 15:57...

September | 2012 | Handout Links

1) LARUG Presents_Jay B Zallan_Bootlegging Keynotes for Good not Evil II.pdf
1a) 2013 JBZ_LARUG_Custom _Keynotes.txt

2) LARUG Presents_Troy R Gates_Formula Driven Families & Noteblocks.pptx

-Note: One of the following 'Comments' families will need the main letter field made to be associated with the proper "visibility" parameter. -A good way to see how it's made!!!
2a) Revit Formulas for Everyday Usage_Revit Forum.pdf
2b) Family: Comments.rfa
2c) Family: Keyplan.rfa
2d) Family: Project Comments.rfa

3) LARUG Presents_Brian Andresen_Worksharing.pdf

September | 2012 | LARUG YouTube Channel

Recorded session videos will post shortly after the live presentations & will continue to be added to at:
LARUGsBIMconsortium Youtube Channel Videos

Image below links to LARUG Presents: Essentially Revit | September Agenda & Location(s) posting!!!
Cheers, -J

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