Friday, July 20, 2012

July 2012 Los Angeles Revit Users Group Meeting

RTC USA 2012 In Review

This month's meeting will be at JAMA on (YES THURSDAY)Thursday July 26th, 2012 at 6pm.

JAMA and their Los Angeles Offices @ 950 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90015; being in the Federal Reserve Building; have some very specific requirements for attendees and those who wish to park in the building (although we suggest parking elsewhere!!!), so here goes:

All attendees must RSVP to get security clearance, so use either a direct RSVP to the evite (if you got one obviously) or email us at: and we (well JayZ) will add you to the attendee list to allow security to do their required job...

Please arrive at the location by 5:45 to make the entry process relaxed for all... Even The Consortium will be there early... Which means that our gracious and generous sponsors will want to arrive by 5:30!!! 

USCAD will be providing the COLD beer, Microdesk -HOT pizza and Kelar Pacific all the other COLD drinks, ICE and dessert goodies too :-)

JayZ, The Consortium and all LARUG members really thank our host JAMA and all the resellers listed above; as their being so great to the LA Revit community for so many years is helping us as professionals, as well as the AEC world in general -we really appreciate your support; THANKS!!!

Parking is free in the Federal Reserve Building for the registered attendees; however, enhanced security arrangements are enforced. Along with your name, company and arrival time you will need to provide your make, model and color of car at the time of registration. Parking entrance is off Olive Street (one-way street north direction only). Heading north, the parking structure entry is on the left hand side, just south of 9th Street.  Please be prepared to stop, identify yourself and be searched.   Security guards may search your car’s trunk, under the car etc.   Park your vehicle in the building at any unmarked space on levels P3-P6.   Proceed via elevator to the First Floor Lobby Security, where you will go through TSA-like gates logged in and may be searched again...  After being provided a name tag at the reception desk, you will be escorted to the 5th floor presentation room. 

Please time your arrival for about 15-30 minute or so, to allow for all this, as the presentation will start ????.  There are alternative, low-cost, “for pay” parking lots at the adjacent blocks. If you decide to use those, there are two pedestrian entrances one on Grand Avenue and the other on Olive Street both will involve a personal security check.

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