Sunday, April 29, 2012

Revolutions & Open References: Model Out of Your Mind!!!

At the April 2012 LARUG Marcello Sgambelluri presented a new method for modeling or more apt: controlling objects in Revit. He presented the "Open Reference Method" (PART 1) below... Oh, BTW: In the posts, "What If" is a question...even though the statement is made that we never need use the Angle Dimension again; that is for you to decide...the best tool at the right time and all...

So now we have the old-school Angle Dimension method PLUS:
Ride The Rails Method
Open Reference Method
Revolution Method

This was awesome, for nothing if not showing that there is hiding functionality: namely the Arc Angle dimension (not the Arc Length) ...there is no tool for Arc magically shows up when selecting a curved Reference Line...niiiiice.

Anyhow, after he posted this method there were some comments about this not spinning all 360° or that it breaks at 180°...well, as we said at the LARUG: a door with that hinge setup cannot in reality open to 180°, since there are door handles!!!

Well, it seems that even though that is true, Marcello took it on to make a similar rig that does rotate to any (yes ANY) angle and does not break & is very stable (PART 2) below. This is the Revolution Method.

If I may speak to all of LARUG and everyone in RevitLand: If you take nothing else from this outside of inspiration and a new way to think about 'problems' that would be great: to paraphrase one of MS's comments from last week:

'The day I stopped complaining about what the tools can do & how they do things and instead focused on how to get the work done, by using creative solutions and thinking a problem through; was the day I began to have breakthroughs'

'If you look at tools and functionality (even one's you'd like modified) as gifts you will be much more productive!!!'

I completely agree with that idea... There is 'gold' in everything, it's up to us to divine it!!!

I suggest we all take a page from that concept: Think, Try, Try Again Differently: Shampoo/Rinse/Repeat...



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