Friday, March 30, 2012

AUGIworld is in Print & J is in AUGIworld

I like pages 24-28 myself but all of the articles are nice as well...Yes, the image & red text are links.

Next month look for another collaboration from Marcello Sgambelluri & J highlighting some of the new features, new concepts and ...well you'll have to read that too!!! Marcello's part is awesome as usual.

Remember AUGIworld is now a print magazine again, so update your AUGI profile with a real name and address and email them to say you want the printed copy (if you do want it)!!!

It's awesome that the RTC ad is in the middle of my article... synchronous happenstance for sure... I think that's good for everyone!!! See you at RTCUSA... If you are going that is...


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