Wednesday, September 28, 2011

He Said Member... Fellow LARUG member Getting Some Deserved Pub

As usual, hit the images & links for the goods!!! -BTW: Does anyone really need me to reiterate that all the time??? We do that for people who are new to this whole internet machine thing...probably unnecessary, huh??? Anyhow...

Ooooooh she's so shiny now (and even has brick on the inside)!!!

I like MS's concise reasoning in his posting to (try to) quell the haters' lack of vision & frankly a lack of fun.

You also may want to check out What Revit Wants' pub of Marcello's article that we have featured in the Revit Architecture section (that I shamelessly manage), in AUGIWorld's September Issue (beginning on page 34)... but read the whole thing!!!

Guess why Marcello wasn't at September's LARUG...

Welcome Donatello, the latest addition to MS's beautiful family!!!

I bet little Donatello is already using Revit too!!! least to play with the cow & elephant ;-b

Talk about parametric families...

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