Monday, May 16, 2011

Keep the Revit Technology Conference USA on the West Coast... -selfishly!!!

Hey LA Reviteurs,

If you would like to keep the Revit Technology Conference USA on the west coast in the future then show your interest and vote for it!!! Simply hit the image lower left, or go to Steve Staffords Blog RevitOpEd and look at the right side bar... 

Los Angeles & Southern California is being represented nicely with classes by some of the best Revit People (See below)... There will most likely be a lot we'll share as the time nears and the classes are completed... we wouldn't want to spoil the RTC fun so you may have to wait until after the RTC completes!!!

Below is a list of LA Revit people presenting classes (If we left someone out we apologize, just let us know and we'll rectify) 

We hope to see you there!!! 

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