Friday, April 8, 2011

Ohhh Foxy Lady: Downloading Revit web components made easy

If you're a long time reader here then you might have seen comments regarding Internet Explorer being less than optimum (crap even).

If you feel the same and want a solution that has proven trustworthy over the years then go get Mozilla Firefox (hit the image at left).


You will want to hook yourself up with the addon "DownThemAll" (at least; (hit the image at left)). You'll get access to that by right-clicking on a web page

Why? Well, if you've ever wanted to get any and/or all of a multitude of files from a web page, in one fell swoop, then that's the tool for you!!!

You can have it send the files to any folder, add any file type and so much more...
Don't forget to set it up properly!!!

And have a great weekend!!!

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