Wednesday, May 18, 2022

IS IT FINISHED???!!! Finish Documentation + Revit * Dynamo

Coming to LARUG May 25th 6pm... IS IT FINISHED???!!! Finish Documentation + Revit * Dynamo w/@danadefilippi Register here: Hosted by @JayZallan, thanks to our awesome sponsor @TITANAEC & all of YOU brilliant Reviteurs!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

StructionSite | Communication on the Ground

 Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020, 6pm PST: a post AU (not Australia;) digital meeting at: (Register beforehand)

Josh Engelbrecht with DPR and Philip Lorenzo from StructionSite will be joining us and sharing some real-world use cases and explorations of StructionSite's communication capabilities... 

Hit the image to read a bit more, but the registration can be done by the link above ;)

Thanks again to You all for you and TitanAEC for the digital space!

Thursday, September 3, 2020

LARUG Presents: Building Your Tech Stack [How Anyone Can Code in AEC]


We are pleased to host Tadeh Hakopian presenting Paths to getting started with the necessary AEC toolset(s): Coding

If you don't think this is important, I surmise you have either implemented such processes already, are just entering AEC or should consider a new career ;) 

The future was here, now it's NOW! 

Get on with it!

Without (much) further ado, Join us online everywhere at 6PM PDT (GMT -7hrs) Wednesday September 23rd, 2020 (your timezone may vary) by Registering [free] at:


"As anyone who has been interested in coding knows that the path to learning software development can be tricky. There are many resources out there but not a clear start or learning path.  This talk will show you what is possible with open source (free!) tools like Python, Git, Dynamo, Javascript and more. Learn how to get started using them, what kind of developer tools you need and where to go for help. We will also see how they work with software like Revit and how to start your own coding projects meant for the built environment or anything else you want to do." -@tadeh_hakopian


Thanks to the TitanAEC Team for hosting our digital meeting space -and for pushing record ;)

Thanks also to YOU :)


Monday, July 13, 2020

Focus | On CONNECTING: A Discussion

Join us for Focus | On CONNECTING: A Discussion with Reg Prentice, Founder at TonicDM, where we will... you guessed it; CONNECT!!!

Design and construction is built on connections: human connections and data connections. At this virtual LARUG we'll explore Project Information Management as a web of human connections and data workflows between connected clouds.

Join us at the following link, from wherever on this huge, tiny Earth you will find yourself: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020, 6PM PDT (1AM GMT)

Thursday, April 30, 2020

LARUG Presents: The Productivity Sessions | The Missing Half of BIM - Oiiiii!!!
Join us Remotely Live on a connected device near you (ones that can login to GoToMeeting that is)!

Just wait until... well that depends on where you'll be...
LA Wednesday May 6th, 6pm PDT
London Thursday May 7th 1am GMT
Sydney Thursday May 7th 11am AEST

Why??? You want to deliver productivity and the bottom line: This presentation will explore, through practical examples, how a visual approach to building delivery and long term engagement can re-contextualise the value chain of our built world. 

The Missing Half of BIM - OIIIII!
BIM is a dichotomy between data and visuals. At its most basic, BIM is a representational visual model linked to an underlying object oriented database.

What started decades ago as a merging of design thinking in harmonious balance with technological development (that joyous union led to CAD - Computer Aided Design), has skewed over time to be heavily data focused as an industry (... an industry predicated on design, by the way... ), and the importance of the visual model has been obscured underneath layers of technicality. I cast my gaze across the industry, It seems in many cases, it has become more about the BIM than the building!
So... does your BIM make you and your industry more productive
Data suggests NO!... (and we all trust our data).
How is the missing half of BIM leading to a decade long decline in productivity across our industry?... and how long is a productivity loss in our industry even sustainable?

This presentation will explore, through practical examples, how a visual approach to building delivery and long term engagement can re-contextualise the value chain of our built world. Realtime
Ineni Realtime is a focussed team of specialists comprising of Architectural Technologists, Producers, DIgital Artists, Game Developers and Programmers. ineni has delivered a range of engaging bespoke virtual environments for a number of significant projects across the world.

ineni's core values include a strong drive to create innovative, practical and value driven solutions for clients that always deliver an engaging, and memorable experience. Underlying is a passion for Open Data and team work with clients to recognise the barriers to knowledge in complex projects, succeeding in developing bespoke workflows to minimise negative impacts and break down misunderstandings entirely.

Helping to simplify the communication of engineering and architectural complexities, ineni Realtime's innovative 3D content engages stakeholders whilst drastically saving time and money throughout the building lifecycle. -Jeremy Harkins
Jeremy Harkins is a Founding Director of “ineni Realtime”, an innovative building technology company focused on the development of the Realtime Visualisation Industry. Delivering Keynote presentations, Jeremy is at the leading edge of real-time virtual technologies and has spoken internationally about the visual interaction with Smart Cities through 3D immersive environments, VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).

Jeremy is a strong advocate of Building Information Modelling (BIM), believing that the seamless integration of intuitive visual interfaces with robust data is a vital direction for architecture, construction and infrastructure.

With 20 years of experience in Architectural Technologies including professional work, consultancy and Full-Time Academia, Jeremy has been a lecturer at an international university (UNSW) helping to educate industry in what can be possible, and is currently focussed on the rapid growth and positioning of “ineni Realtime” as market leaders in virtual interaction design.
Thanks to TitanAEC for the technology support!
See you there and as always the recording will be posted to our YouTube Channel! Subscribe HERE!!! [Insert sound of "Like" button mashing]

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Untitled #32 | LARUG April 2020

First off: JOIN US AND BE 1ST!!!
First to see ████'█ ███████ in █████ ████ :))

Giving us an exclusive world premiere of ███ing ███'█ ███ in █████ ████ will be two (at
least) of ADSKs own... So there's that ;) long time friend Scott D Davis and his colleague (and our ███ friend) Scott Buchanan will be ███ing us with all the █████ awesome ██████ in █████ and how we can all █████ more ██████ and ███ with the ███ ██████████ ███████'s!!!

If you can't make the Los Angeles Revit Users Group (LARUG) meetings in person or have never been, well now you can! Everyone's personal here is now right there (here)! Where? There! NO, HERE!!! may not be able to physically █████ each other or make ███ contact across the room, with that knowing look as if to say 'that █████ ███ has never worked but at least ████ made it shinier' but we can all turn on our cameras and have some virtual fun next Wednesday!!!

Now don't get me wrong, the 17+ years of live meetings have seen some great ███████ presentations and networking, have created some good friends, some ████, some ███████ and colleagues and a lot of inspirational work in AEC. 

For now we're obviously meeting virtually only and will continue until we can't.

Whether in Los Angeles (obv) or in Orange County (CA), the "Inland Empire", San Diego, San Francisco or even Bangalore... yes, we've done meetings in and from those locales and more, like Australia, New Zealand... but I digress;, well, we can't get together in person right now but we can all certainly join each other virtually and make it fun (the Scotts will be bringing the █████ ████ and ████ into how ██████ ████ and we will bring the questions & comments ;) (finally;) here's the info: Please register and then join us for: 
Untitled #32 | LARUG April 2020 
Brought to you by our friends at TitanAEC

Wednesday, Apr 8, 2020 3:30 PM PDT (UTC -7)
via the following link, anywhere you can connect ;)
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We will be recording and posting those and will share details in the near future, but in the mean time Hope to see you NEXT WEEK (virtually;)


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virtually.Lunch-in.With.LARUG. | Rhino.Inside.Revit. | Don't.Give.Up.

LARUG Virtually Meeting in March! Yaay!
Marcello Sgambelluri presenting Yaay!
TitanAEC providing GoTo Meeting space! Yaay!
Rhino.Inside.Revit! Yaay! (Yaay???) Let's see!

Got the Goto Meeting App Already?  
Yes = Yaay!  
No = Hit THIS LINK, Install and be Ready get Prepared and Then You're Yaay!

A quick note to everyone, all my/our friends, colleagues (& ourselves) | Don't.Give.Up.

It seems appropriate.
If you like the Artists, hit these links to the tweetville for Puddles Pity Party & Rebekah Del Rio who above are covering some Peter Gabriel that is poignant imo (take from that what you will :)

JOIN LARUG HERE -well, wherever you'll be will be "here" (you know, wherever we each are will be there and here if you get what I mean ;) If you don't get what I mean...
What I mean is the only complete, live LARUG meeting this month will be online via GoTo Meeting: info and links above and below ;)We will record and post a version soon thereafter, but we will be interacting with the live attendees Q/A, etc...

Though we will miss having the networking and live interactions of our mostly local meetings we do love spreading out and focusing back on the larger connected VDC communities worldwide :)

As far as the beer and pizza, etc. that we normally have provided, this month we will each have to supply our own individually... but that just means we can have whatever we each want LOL! If we continue virtually only I will figure something out for refreshments for attendees worldwide... I have ideas, just ran out of time this month ;)

Well, on with the show:
He is just going to have to show us, now isn't he ;)

WHEN? Thursday, March 26th at the following time(s)
  7 PM GMT
Everyone else's timezone should be able to be extrapolated from GMT, yes? ;)

Where ever you are!!! (at the time of the meeting)
Connect using ye olde Computer or Tablet or SmartPhone or Hololens or whatever you can get audio/video online with, at: -using your device's audio.
One can also dial in using a plain olde phone (but the numbers are limited and to be honest audio only would be extremely odd since it needs the accompanying visuals -if you ask me ;) but there may be a need, so here they are
Access Code: 190-259-141 
 United States: +1 (312) 757-3121
For supported devices, tap the following one-touch number below to join instantly 

New to GoToMeeting? Still ;)? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts:

Friday, June 14, 2019

Brilliant BIM | Where to Find It | How to Create It

As specified in the Meetup Invitation (Yeah, this is the link to RSVP;)
Join us Wednesday, June 26th, 6pm at  
1450 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401

The BIM community around the world is rapidly expanding as more industry professionals realize the power of digital construction. In our next LA Revit Users Group meetup we’ll explore the ever-changing world of BIM and some of the new developments impacting (or about to be) this technical realm.

On Wednesday June 26th, you’re invited to join Jay Zallan, President of the LA Revit User Group and Marie Grieve, Founder of Costello Palmer Communications. Plus some surprise industry guests, for an evening of discussion and deliberation on the powers of BIM and how to make things happen.
This evening is for those who want to be part of the AEC turnaround; from being a 1.7 Trillion Dollar waste generator (as it currently is) to becoming an industry that actually serves to make a better world in deed, not simply words!

UPDATE!!! We are happy to add to the program Mario Trujillo, LAX APM Terminal Project VDC Manager as well as the brilliant Reg Prentice, Founder TonicDM; Document Management (that works!!!)

As always hit the links below and help us say thanks to our sponsors:

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The Meeting That Shall Have No Name it really been a year since we (I) have blogged here? Yes...

See you @TITANAEC Headquarters, Wednesday April 24th at 6pm, for a timely Scott D Davis presentation... join us via This Meetup Link.

If you can't make it to #DTLA check Twitter for (@JayZallan) where we'll (I'll) stream (if legal. -Not a joke)

+ Got BIM Balls??? Ride the OUE SkySpace exterior glass slide while there!!!